Small business banking fees slim clear interest with loose straw

Insiders believe that bank costs of most relief for small and micro enterprises are small, very small loans for small and micro-enterprises.
"we don't accept loan commitment fee costs, financial consultants and the like. "A large line of public account manager told reporters.
on August 1, the implementation of new rules on bank service fees, ICBC, agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, construction Bank, China Minsheng Bank and other bank loans for small and micro enterprises introduced a upgrade version.
"impact fee waiver for small and micro enterprises are limited. Many free articles is intended free of charge during the operation, although there is indicate the charges, but in the actual course of business, are deductible items. "A bank analyst told reporters.
for the bank service charges relief, insiders likened to describe it, "most of the costs of relief is small, for loans for small and micro businesses have very little effect. Small and micro businesses more about costs, such as lower interest rates, lenders are fast, which is more important to them. "
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July 23 the Executive meeting of the State Council requirements to clean up banking institutions of unreasonable charges, directly linked to the loan, there is no substantial service fees, will be canceled.
the same day, the China Banking Regulatory Commission issued on perfection and innovation of small business loans service notice to improve your financial services to small and micro enterprises.
on August 1, introduced in the management of service prices of commercial banks.
in a series of policy stimulus, banks released credits small business services fees notice.
ICBC said the Bank expanded small business free business, free of "small" business loan commitment fee commitment fees, corporate account overdraft and other fees. Increased on including "small micro-" enterprise in within various customer of charges relief efforts, canceled on public account balance management, and across border query, and agent mortgage registration, charges project, cut all channel of line within offsite transfers and withdrawals procedures fee, cut except counter outside other channel of across line transfers procedures fee, reduced this foreign currency financing class insurance letter and non-financing class insurance letter of charges standard and so on.
Bank of China since August to exempt small business financing services, financial consultants, financial advisory, abolished year-round financial consultancy fees; public loans letter of commitment fees and personal revolving credit loan commitment fees; company ICT changing financing conditions of service charges and fees abolition Bill financing Advisory and service fees.
in addition, the agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank also introduced relief measures, good micro.
joint-stock Bank, Minsheng bank cancelled a series of corporate finance related charges and waive charges for some services. Cut small and micro enterprise loan fees and related charges of the public enterprise part of the transfer, acceptance. Expanding settlement city coverage to public enterprises, increase corporate payment settlement business of the free offer. BACK

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